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Growing willow:





In my growning of willow there are 23 different kinds of willow with varying color of the bark, from yellow, orange, purple to brown, green and gray shades.


The willow is harvested each year when all the leaves have fallen, in the fall or early sping before the sap rising.


After harvesting, the willow is sorted by length and thickness.


Bundled and placed with the rooth down to dry.


Cuttings taken only at harvest.

Cut into pieces about 25- 30 cm.


Packed in black plastic and stored in refrigerator until it is time to plant that is when the soil will be alright.


Plant distance: 20 cm. Line spacing: 50 cm




Steps from the cutting to the finished basket:




Plant cuttings















Soaking willow



The willow is soaked in cold water for about 1-3 weeks, depending on thickness.


When the willow is ready when it in its grossest part is to bend at a 90 degree angle without breaking.


Change the water 2 times/week.